About Us

PbO3 Environmental Testing & Service Co., Inc. was established in 1996, Melbourne, Florida to provide an extremely high level of industrial hygiene support services for contractors at Kennedy Space Center.

Having evolved into a high quality consulting and testing organization PbO3 offers a full range of industrial hygiene services to a broad spectrum of public and private clients. Our staff is well educated and trained in the industry with many years of practical experience in both assessment and abatement monitoring and supervision.  Our continued relationship with EMSL and Schneider   allows us to use laboratory services that are among the best in the country. They are members of American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and the National Asbestos Council (NAC).

XRF Lead Based Paint Testing

The most important element when evaluating a company’s capabilities is to evaluate the abilities of the people who will actually perform the work.  Items such as company size, longevity, and physical facilities are important; however, their importance wanes if the people who will perform the work are not fully qualified for and are not committed to the tasks presented.The personnel assigned by PbO3 to a project are highly qualified, experienced, motivated and committed individuals.

The individuals assembled for PbO3 ‘s team have made a lifetime commitment to protecting the health and safety of people in the workplace and  our  community.  These individuals have unparalleled experience providing environmental services to major corporations, government agencies and public housing.

For more information on PbO3 Environmental Testing & Services Inc., please Contact Us at 386.668.4545 or email at: PbO3@comcast.net